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by MV's Projects

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This is a sort of compilation album of songs I have made for, or with, other people. It can also be described as songs that I create for no apparent reason, so I experiment with some genres here. Thankfully, for you fans, this is free to all!

Enjoy listening to whatever I was trying to do here. :)


released 11 October 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: MV's Projects - Early Morning Hours (feat. Guru Z)


Party all day, party all night,
Pickin' up the crew, that's what I like,
Never go to sleep, you know I might,
Gonna start a fight, higher than a kite

We're gonna do what we have to do,
Bunch of young kids, that part is true,
Drink it all up, one bottle and two,
Three, four, we want some more,

Five, six, let's pick up chicks,
Seven, eight, it's not too late,
Nine, ten, we're gonna party to the end,
Ride off quick with all my friends,

The ones too late, not waitin' for them,
Don't mean to offend, we're settin' a trend,
Just a young life, got the time to spend,
Life's like a dream, playin' pretend.


Not being polite, no time to rewrite,
Party to the max all the way to the height,
Screaming and shout 'til my face turns white,
The party's going down, 'til the early morning light.

Early morning light, early morning light,
The party's going down, 'til the early morning light, light,
Early morning, party's going, goin', goin', light, early morn-, light, morn-
Goin', go-goin', par-par-par, go- ERRR-LLLY

(Let's go.)


Inside, outside, party so live,
Cops at the door, everybody hide!
No time to think, gotta catch my ride,
Cops play the game, but tonight it was tied,

What am I 'bout? I am the bomb,
Everybody's gone, just rapping this song,
Kids passed out on the front lawn,
Always right, never wrong,

Guru Z, yes, I'm that guy,
Who never really has to try,
always lightin' up the sky,
Just for tonight, I'm gonna fly,

We did the impossible without the maybe,
It was crazy like a dog with rabies,
Never gonna phase me, always gonna chase me,
And one more thing: please don't hate me.


(Let's go.)